Marge Is Upset That Walmart Sells Sex Toys

That woman from Georgia, Large Marge Three-Toes, is upset with her local Walmart, accusing them of selling sex toys next to children’s toothbrushes.

Marjorie Taylor Greene and other conservatives seem obsessed with the sale of sex toys in department stores or pharmacies, making them the latest target of the conservative culture clash.

They say that the sale of these products further “sexualizes” or “grooms” children.

The LGBTQ community takes issue with conservatives pushing hateful bigotry, reminding them that the term “groomer” typically refers to pedophilia and has historically been lobbed unjustly toward some in the community.

Last week at the Young Republicans Club Gala in New York, Marge took up the same issue with Target stores.

Some people took issue with why she is okay with the sale of firearms at Walmart instead.