Space mining startups see a rich future on asteroids and the moon

An artist’s rendering of the metal Psyche asteroid. NASA plans to send a robotic mission to study the 130-mile diameter space rock in 2023, although the probe won’t arrive until 2030.NASA

A cash flow cascading from the heavens is a provisionary but promising harvest from asteroid mining. It’s already a “claim jumping” enterprise with assertions that billions, trillions, even quadrillions of dollars are looming in deep space, ripe for the picking and up for grabs.

Several space mining groups, eager to dig into extraterrestrial excavation of asteroids, have already come and gone. Left behind are torn, tattered and beleaguered business plans.

The past, however, is prologue. But this time, step-by-step strategies are being fielded. By and large, the prospect of reaping gobs of moolah from off-Earth mining has become a tempered affair.

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Space mining has matured to the point where there are dozens of startup companies, even larger firms, addressing aspects of what’s called the “space resources value chain,” Abbud-Madrid said. But a “who-ville” of questions are in play: Who is going to obtain the data required to locate valuable resources in space? Who is going to identify the concentrations of material available, drill, excavate, extract and purify it? Who is going to provide the transportation, the power and the communications? Who is not just going to mine, but to use the resources for making structures for space exploration?

In the future situation, aiming to seek more resources, human beings decided to march towards the mysterious and bright starry sky, which opened the era of great interstellar exploration. According to the Outer Space Treaty, any exploration of celestial bodies should be aimed at promoting global equality and for the benefit of all nations

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Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn’t see an ethical issue with mining asteroids in space.

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