Jim Jordan Defends Republicans Nearly Coming to Blows During McCarthy Speakership Fight:

Says That’s Exactly What ‘The Founders Intended’

Jordan spoke with Shannon Bream on Fox News Sunday about last week’s turmoil throughout the 14 votes for Speaker of the House before McCarthy succeeded on the 15th. Bream specifically pointed out the moment when Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL) had to be physically restrained when it seemed like he was about to angrily lunge at fellow Republican Matt Gaetz (R-FL) after the latter undermined McCarthy on the 14th vote.

“How do you convince Americans who watched this play out… that Republicans, your party, can now govern?” Bream asked.

Jordan began by trotting out the “democracy is messy” refrain that his fellow Republicans have used throughout the chaotic saga.

“I would argue that’s exactly how the Founders intended it,” he continued. “They wanted real debate and real input from all people, and then you get a decision. Whether it’s one vote or 15 votes, Kevin McCarthy is still Speaker of the House. I have seen all kinds of games go into extra innings and overtime. That’s just how it works.”


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