Fulton County Grand Jury Completes Its Work

The special grand jury in Fulton County, Georgia, who was seated in May 2022 to overhear Fani Willis’s investigation into Trump’s election interference, has finished its work and submitted a final report.

The 26-member grand jury officially has been dissolved, according to a court order by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert C. McBurney filed on Monday morning.

The findings of the report were not made public. McBurney scheduled a hearing for January 24 to determine whether to release the report. McBurney’s order noted the grand jury had “voted to recommend that its report be published” and appeared to make its release “mandatory” — though the judge said he would hear “argument” on the issue.

Under Georgia law, special grand juries cannot issue indictments but can issue a report making recommendations. 

District Attorney Fani Willis will be weighing the recommendations and deciding whether to file charges.

If Willis chooses to indict, she would have to impanel another grand jury that considers criminal cases, and that would precede any disclosure to the public of the special grand jury’s report.



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