President Biden Approves California Emergency Declaration

***Update to a previous News Views discussion:

After a week of storms in California that have taken twelve lives thus far, President Biden approved an emergency declaration that Governor Newsom requested.

As President Biden and Governor Newsom do what’s best for the people of the great State of CA, Speaker of the House, Qevin McQarthy “touts fossil fuels as his state reels from atmospheric rivers that inundated his home state of California with severe flooding and widespread power outages. Scientists say atmospheric rivers are fueled by climate change — a problem that McCarthy’s pro-fossil-fuel policies stand to exacerbate.

On Saturday, as McCarthy and allies celebrated his victory, (after 15 tries) heavy winds battered the Sacramento region, toppling trees and leaving more than 300,000 customers without electricity. The National Weather Service predicted that an even stronger storm system would slam the state in the coming days.”

Who should be the next senator from California?

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