Ohio Cop Caught on Video Repeatedly Punching Black Woman in the Face


Butler Township police have confirmed they are investigating the Jan. 16, 2023, incident.

The video shows an interaction between a woman and two officers. There is no audio accompanying the video on social media and we don’t know the circumstances of the woman’s interaction with the officers. Butler Township Police Chief John Porter says the department is planning a news conference on Wednesday to address the incident.

“We are aware of the video recorded by a bystander concerning an incident that occurred on January 16, 2023, involving two of our officers,” Porter said in an announcement Tuesday afternoon. “This incident is currently under investigation in accordance with departmental policies and procedures, as is the case whenever force is used in an arrest.”


UPDATE: Sergeant Placed on Paid Leave 

Officers were called out the McDonalds after an employee reported a woman was in the restaurant, yelling at employees over a mistake in an order, according to a 911 call obtained through public records request.

When officers arrived on scene, body and cruiser camera video showed the the woman, identified as Latinka Hancock, waiting in her car to tell police her side of the story. When Stanley told her to to fill out a formal notice for trespassing, she refuses to give officers information for that form.

At one point, body camera video shows Zellers point his taser at Hancock and Stanley punch her in the face three times to get her up against the cruiser and in handcuffs.

❋Stanley was place on leave in part because the department was getting “hate mail” from some who saw the video on social media, according to Butler Twp. Police Chief John Porter.

❋Chief John Porter said “The officers are given options” when asked if the officers’ actions were appropriate.

❋Chief Porter would not say if the officers felt in danger.

❋Chief Porter said that the officers are trained in de-escalation and that was what they were trying to do.

❋Latinka Hancock was charged with resisting, failure to provide ID, driving with a suspended license, and open container.

❋Latinka was taken to the hospital for injuries including a concussion.


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