Coffee Talk

Good morning, friends, it’s Coffee Talk time, so that means it’s Thursday and it’s time to chat freely.

We can chat about whatever you want, but today’s Coffee Talk alternative topic is hopefully a fun one.

Today’s Topic

Today’s topic was conceived the other day during a discussion about gas stoves, Ohio, green energy, and eventually ugly cars like PT Cruisers and Fiat Multiplas (thanks, Chrome Diopside, if you’re listening).

Did you know that the original (not a replica) ‘Wayne’s World’ 1976 AMC Pacer Movie Car is up for auction at Barrett-Jackson, and that for an expected $50,000-ish she could be yours? Oh yes, she could be yours.

From the news item:

As you’ve probably heard already, the only part of the car that’s not true to the original movie condition is the new and upgraded audio system. That was due to the fact that the 10-inch original speakers were not functional as there never was an amp in the car. Currently, the new audio system is fully operational and ready to rock the Bohemian Rhapsody at full power.


She was a beaut, wasn’t she?

Can you name a favorite — or at least legendary — car from film or television?

So, I’m not saying the Pacer of Wayne’s World lore would be a favorite, but she did inspire some pretty legendary mobile head-banging. I’ll be the first to admit when I hear Bohemian Rhapsody in the car, my head starts to move kinda funny….

Rise and shine, Coffee Talkers, time to get chatty.

Enjoy your Thursday and your free chat — let’s talk about famous cars, or let’s talk about anything under the stars.