Marge Amplifies Story About Matt Gaetz Affair With Male Staffer

Newsweek published a story this morning about allegations regarding Florida Man Matt Gaetz possibly having an affair with a male staffer.

What are the allegations?

Jones declined to name her “independent sources” when contacted by Newsweek, saying: “They work in his [Gaetz’s] office and fear for their jobs.”

Rebekah Jones was most recently a Democratic candidate running against Gaetz in Florida’s ruby red 1st Congressional District. Before that, she was an employee fired from Florida’s Department of Health after she claimed DeSantis was manipulating Covid-19 data. She was a target of a highly publicized raid of her home, was charged with illegally accessing state records, and eventually signed an agreement admitting guilt to avoid a felony charge and trial.

She has also been the subject of a sexual misconduct allegations, including cyber stalking a former student and romantic partner, as well as posting revenge porn.

On Thursday morning, Georgia Weirdo Woman Marjorie Taylor Greene, posted in defense of Matt Gaytz Gaetz, after she was at odds with him during the McCarthy speakership vote stand-off.

Gaetz and Greene have had an on-and-off relationship, and it appears they have rebonded after the McCarthy “fall-out.” So much speculation, so much time.

Who is Joel Valdez?

Joel Valdez began as an intern for the Gaetz office in January 2020, and was promoted to a press assistant the following March.

He became Gaetz’s communication director in April 2021.

When asked about the allegations, Valdez referred reporters to a representative of Gaetz’s congressional office.

(But wait, isn’t Valdez the communications director? We are just asking questions.)


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