Damar Hamlin Speaks for the First Time Since His Collapse

What, no body double?

Buffalo Bills defensive back Damar Hamlin spoke publicly for the time time since his Monday Night Football collapse on January 2.

Hamlin posted a video to social media on Saturday night, saying that he had waited until the Bills had finished their season and until he had made further progress in his recovery to speak. “It was just a lot to process within my own self, mentally, physically, even spiritually,” he said.

Hamlin returned home from a Buffalo hospital nine days after suffering a cardiac arrest in which a Cincinnati doctor said that Hamlin “was dead” when he fell to the ground.

Hamlin appears to be on a good path to recovery, while doctors still don’t say how far he is from returning to a normal life. Hamlin shows no signs of neurological deficits.

Hamlin focuses on his unique opportunity “to give it back to kids and communities all across the world who need it the most, and that’s always been my dream. That’s always been what I stood for and what I will continue to stand for.”

With the release of the video, let’s hope Damar Hamlin buries the conspiracy theories that circulated claiming that he died from the Covid-19 vaccine and was replaced with a body double.

New York Times

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