Free Chat Friday, Week 5

Happy Friday, News Viewers, it’s February of 2023, Black History Month. The focus may be history, but I’m thinking of a different time. . .

I picture a future time of shiny eyed great-great-grand kiddos sitting in bright classrooms, rows of desks, walls covered with painted pictures, and they’re soaking in the knowledge — about our present, February 2023, taught to them in a future that’s their history.

Sunny faces, hearing about wars won, protective police, fairness from judges and plenty of education, a roof, fluffy pillows, affordable eggs and cash left over at the end of the month.

History class in the future. They’ll hear about good defeating evil, the miracle of democracy, the threats from evil foreign types who speak in foreign languages. They’ll hear about a MLK and JFK and various other initials, but they won’t hear about this month or year, the name—Tyre Nichols or AP Courses erased, or Monterey Park and Muslim Congresswomen, a Grand Old Party who kidnapped a country. They won’t hear the details, at least not accurately — they’ll get the spin, the rose-colored glasses, the comfort food. History sanitized.

Of course, that might be just MY fairy tale, not true, not prophetic and not anything, because the future isn’t written, our future isn’t written. All we know is that what is happening now will change, because change is always a given, and our descendants’ futures will depend on either our action or our inertia in the now. That’s what will be tattooed on their DNA…. What history will they learn, tell, teach?

Welcome to our NV Friday free chat, all the topics fit to print and cathartic to talk about; past, present, future, what’s on your mind?