Bodycam Footage Released From News Nation Reporter’s Arrest in Ohio

A News Nation reporter was arrested in Palestine, Ohio, on Wednesday following an argument with an official from the Ohio National Guard.

After delivering a live news report in a local school gymnasium, Evan Lambert and a cameraman were approached by law enforcement and told to stop recording because Governor Mike DeWine’s news conference was beginning.

National Guard Adjutant General Maj. Gen. John C. Harris Jr. argued with the cameraman, while a state trooper signaled to Lambert to stop talking.

Harris then appeared to shove a finger into Lambert’s chest.

A police statement said Harris was “…convinced he was prepared to do harm to me,” and reacted by pushing Lambert.

Law enforcement statements released Thursday claimed Lambert was disruptive, ignored requests to leave and resisted arrest.

Video captured by those at the news conference shows officers forcibly putting Lambert in handcuffs and walking him out of the gymnasium to a squad car. He was taken to the Columbiana County Jail and was released hours later.

Lambert’s attorney said in a statement, “The claims made by Adjutant Major General Harris that Mr. Lambert was aggressive, and that Harris was ‘… convinced he was prepared to do harm to me’ are patently false. It is our position that the numerous videos of the incident, as recorded by bystanders, speak for themselves.”

The news conference Governor DeWine was to speak at was scheduled for 3pm, but was delayed by two hours. Lambert was scheduled to provide a live shot at 5pm as the governor was beginning the news briefing.

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