Kyrsten Sinema Denies Consoling George Santos

George Santos told Newsmax Thursday evening that after Mitt Romney lashed out at him ahead of Tuesday’s State of the Union, Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema told the congressman to “hang in there, buddy” as she was walking by.

He added that she “was very polite, very kindhearted,” unlike Romney, who he claims has “always had prejudice towards minorities.”

Trouble is, Kyrsten Sinema said it never happened, and Sinema’s spokesperson Hannah Hurley called Santos’ comment a “lie.”

The two lawmakers never spoke, Hurley said, and Sinema was not aware of the exchange between Santos and Romney until the GOP senator filled her in afterward.

The Newsmax interview also touched on the embellishments and a “campaign of deceits” of the New York Republican, including whether Santos survived a brain tumor.