Last Call: 02-11-23

Good evening, News Viewers, and Happy Super Bowl Eve!

So, will you watch the game tomorrow? Who do you want to win?

Me? I’ll watch parts of it but I’m cooking and will probably hang out with my mom. Who do I want–Meh, I really don’t care. I used to say I was a closeted KC fan and my kids still tease me about (it’s not well accepted to be Raider fan and like KC). For some reason and I really don’t know what that is, I’m really not a KC fan.

If you’re watching the game? What’s on your menu?

My son will grill a tri-tip…I’m making sliders for the carnivores on homemade Dutch crunch rolls. The rolls are awesome! Salmon marinated in pomegranate molasses sliders for we non meat eaters (my mom doesn’t eat meat either), a shrimp louie, chips, salsa, and Surley’s favorite—guacamole, (joke). Oh, and a lemon cheesecake with strawberries for dessert.

I wanted to dip the strawberries in white chocolate but two stores didn’t have white chocolate chips or bars…weird…and I didn’t want to drive around for freaking white chocolate. So, the strawberries will be dipped in dark chocolate instead.

Speaking of the Super Bowl–this little man gets to go. He was presented with tickets at the Pro Bowl game last week. He’s my new favorite person in the world:

And on this dark day in music history: 1986 – The single “Superbowl Shuffle” by the Chicago Bears Shufflin’ Crew was certified gold by the RIAA.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay safe!

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