Lee County Republican Party Executive Committee Votes on Resolution Calling for Ban of Covid Vaccine Statewide

Calls on Governor Ron DeSantis and state legislature to seize all covid vaccines.


If the Lee County Republican Party has their way, the state of Florida will be banning the use of Covid-19 vaccines. Yes, you heard that correctly. Based on a majority vote, the Party has passed a so-called “Ban the jab” resolution that will now go to the desk of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) for his consideration. And why does the Party want such a ban? Well, an article for WINK News by Michael Hudak and Taylor Wirtz quoted Joe Sansone, the guy who drafted the resolution, as saying, “The Lee County Republican Party is going to be on the vanguard of this campaign to stop the genocide because we have foreign non-governmental entities that are unleashing biological weapons on the American people.”

Stop the genocide? Foreign non-governmental entities unleashing biological weapons? Holy space-laser-operating-lizard-alien-living-on-a-flat-Earth-with-a-5G-transmitter. And here you thought Covid-19 vaccines were meant to protect people from getting hospitalized and dying from severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infections. Silly rabbit. Tricks are for kids.

The WINK article also included another quote from Sansone that really seemed to embrace some conspiracy theory claims: “If you got this shot, you go home and hug your pregnant wife—she can have a miscarriage through skin contact.” Wait, so now, you’ve got to start worrying about hugging people who have gotten Covid-19 vaccines? How exactly is that supposed to work scientifically? Did Sansone provide any peer-reviewed scientific studies to support his assertion? Most likely not, because good luck trying to find any peer-reviewed scientific studies to support such an assertion.


The resolution, to now be sent to Gov. Ron DeSantis and the State Legislature as a formal position of the Lee County GOP, states that strong and credible evidence exists that injections are “biological and technological weapons” and cites various sources to substantiate its position that “government agencies, media and tech companies, and other corporations, have committed enormous fraud by claiming Covid injections are safe and effective.

Such “continued experimentation on humans and denial of informed consent are violations of the Nuremberg Code and therefore constitute crimes against humanity, the resolution states, calling upon “Governor DeSantis and the state legislature to prohibit the sale and distribution of Covid injections and all mRNA injections in the state of Florida, and for the state Attorney General to immediately seize all Covid injections and mRNA injections in the state of Florida and have a forensic analysis conducted.”

Proponents kept mentioning they had a moral obligation to ban the vaccine in the state of Florida because, in their view, people in Florida weren’t smart enough to take the vaccine or not, she said, adding that position sets a course few may want to follow.


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