Marjorie Taylor-(minus) Greene Claims She Was ‘Attacked’ in a Restaurant

Without naming the restaurant or providing any proof or evidence, Marjorie Taylor-(minus) Grean, AKA: Horseface, claimed a patron at a restaurant where she and her staff members were working on more ways to destroy and divide our country attacked her.

The irony of her claim is that MT-G said the woman who allegedly attacked her was “self righteous, insane, completely out of control.insane, and lacked respect of others even if they had different views.” Remember, this is the same creature who wants Red States to secede from the Union or as she calls it, a “National Divorce” and who acted the fool during the State of the Union address and pretty much her entire tenure in Congress.

According to NBC:

In a statement to NBC News, Nick Dyer, Greene’s deputy chief of staff, said that staff were working on preparation for committee hearings when the incident occurred.

After a woman finished dinner, she came over to their table and “introduced herself politely at first” before she “started berating” Greene, he said, adding that the woman’s adult son began “screaming expletives at the top of his lungs” and came closer to the table.

“I had to get in between him and the table because I had no clue what he’d do,” Dyer said, adding that the son continued screaming while his mother “continued to berate” Greene.

Dyer said restaurant staff eventually demanded that the woman and her son leave. They “apologized” and moved the staff to a more private table.” Police were not called, according to Dyer.

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