Trump and the J6 Prison Choir Hook Up for Fundraiser Song

Donald Trump and a group of imprisoned minions who rioted for Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud collaborated to release a new “patriotic” song called “Justice For All.”

*** Four Barfbag Alert

In the “song,” the ex-president recites the Pledge of Allegiance as about 20 inmates sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” over the phone.

They chant “USA” as the song ends.

According to a report, the inmates sing the national anthem at the jail nightly.

For the mash-up the Former Guy recorded the Pledge of Allegiance at Mar-a-Lago a few weeks ago, while the choir boys made their recording over a jailhouse phone about a month ago.

Kash Patel and conservative commentator Ed Henry spearheaded the project, and was produced by an unnamed “major recording artist.”


Proceeds are said to benefit the families of those imprisoned for participating in the Capitol riots, which left five people dead.

(Yeah, riiight.)

  • Funds raised by the project are funneled to an LLC run by Henry, who will disperse the profits.
  • Henry has also created an online community on a crowdfunding site that costs $10 per month to join.
  • Recipients will be vetted to make sure proceeds will not be funneled to families of any who attacked a police officer.

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