PNC Bank ‘Cancels’ Don Jr’s Business Account; MAGAts Become More Unhinged

Don Jr., son of the disgraced, failed, twice impeached, and one term (p)resident, recently started a new a news aggregation. He’s bigly upset and has called for an investigation into why PNC Bank arbitrarily closed his business account for the news curation app, MxM News. Don Jr., along with his former spokesperson Taylor Budowich, founded the new app to act as a competitor to platforms such as Apple News and Google News, because perpetual, conservative victims ‘think’ “big tech” censors right-wing/ MAGAt views.

“Woke PNC Bank just shut down the bank account for my app MxM News without any explanation,” Trump Jr. tweeted.

One syllable- easy for MAGAts to pronounce and remember.

“Speaker in Name Only,” Qevin McQarthy is outraged but it’s still unclear if he’ll round up Marge and Gym and launch a full investigation, complete with a ‘special counsel,’ to look into why the bank ‘cancelled’ Don Jr.

On his way to the MAGAtfest, CPAC, Don stopped to talk with a reporter from the ‘highly esteemed’ and regarded ‘news’ source, Newsmax. He will address this devastating event later today when he delivers his speech to the CPAC KKKlan.

Speaking to Fox News, Trump Jr. later said that the closure of the MxM News account was a “minor setback” that was resolved quickly. However, he suggested the closure, which the bank did not publicly disclose the reason for, was proof that banks are now bowing to the apparent “woke agenda.”

“But what about every other start up, or small business who wants to pursue a values-based company?” Trump Jr. said. “This should be investigated.”

Taylor Budowich said a representative from PNC told him the bank reserves the right to “re-evaluate their business relationships at any time and terminate accounts without cause.” Regardless, Budowich and Don Jr. are bigly upset that PNC closed the company’s account without any explanation.

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