Coffee Talk

Top o’ the morning, Coffee Talkers!

It’s an hour darker this morning than it was last week in this time and space — and I’m not talking about the coffee, but not a terrible idea.

Let’s get started with Thursday’s free chat session, where the topics are always what you choose but we throw out an alternative — to discuss among yourselves.

Today’s Topic

The music world mourned the loss of the blue-eyed soul singer Bobby Caldwell yesterday, who died at 71. Caldwell was known for a silky R&B, reggae, soft rock and smooth jazz voice that was often mistaken for the croonings of a Black artist. He became known in 1979 for the hit song “What You Won’t Do for Love.”

I understand there will be News Viewers who recognized Bobby by name, but I did not. He released several albums, but is listed as a one-hit-wonder at the Tunecaster website.

All of this leads me to today’s topic.

What is your favorite One-Hit-Wonder song?

This may not be The One for me, but it’s the first one I thought of from the One-And-Done crowd.

Let’s get some coffee, and please feel free to drop some tunes on us this morning — but the topic is always your choice where the chat is free.

Have a great Thursday, and don’t forget to pick up some Guinness for tomorrow!

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