More On the Over and Misused Word, Woke; Shocking! Conservative Author Cannot Define It

Although Bethany Mandel dedicated an entire chapter in her new book, “Stolen Youth,” she co-wrote with another MAGAt, Karol Markowicz, to the word, woke, Mandel doesn’t appear to have the slightest clue what it means nor can she explain it.

“The radical progressive Left — the woke — are trying to completely remake society and start a revolution.”

In an interview with The Hill Rising Briahna Joy Gray, Mandel promoted her new book, which accuses liberals of targeting children with “woke indoctrination.” When Ms. Gray asked her to define what, woke, means, Mandel couldn’t. She offered up a bunch of typical, MAGAt word salad but that wasn’t helping her out much. She simply failed and truly embarrassed herself:

In fairness to Mandel, most of the interviews she’s done for her book in the past were with interviewers who used “woke” in the same vague sense as she does.

In MAGAt world, ‘woke,“refers to something emanating from or related to culture war issues that you understand as or want to portray as bad. You know it when you see it in the sense that ‘woke’ is applied to a broad array of rhetoric and actions that share no common thread beyond being” …anything they don’t like, that threatens their white fragility, or makes them feel uncomfortable.

^^^Isn’t that what your religion teaches you, MAGAts?

A little bit of history on the word and concept, woke:

Notice, ‘woke,’ has nothing to do with gas stoves, wash machines, bank failures, M&Ms, Legos, etc…?

⚠️Warning!⚠️ Mega MAGAt, anti-Woke Alert:

The ‘Woke Mind Virus:’

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