Michigan GOP Chair Kristina Karamo Doubles Down on Comparing Gun Reforms to the Holocaust

Kristina Karamo, the new chairwoman of the Michigan GOP refused to apologize for a tweet that compared gun reform legislation to the Holocaust.

On Wednesday Karamo insisted that people get “way too offended” by social media posts that are not meant to be controversial. The tweet in question pictured a 1945 photograph of wedding rings removed from Holocaust victims.

“We’re a different Republican Party,” Karamo said at a news conference. “We are not the Republican Party who apologizes and runs away from our positions. It’s a reason the Republican Party has gotten kicked in the teeth the last three cycles. Because it’s been a party that’s always apologizing. We’re done.”

There was bipartisan backlash against the Michigan GOP’s position as state Democrats are working on a group of gun reform bills that would expand background checks, mandate the safe storage of guns, and extreme risk orders to allow a court to temporarily remove weapons from someone’s home if they are deemed a threat to themselves or others.

Some Michigan GOPsters tried to distance themselves from Karamo.

The Michigan GOP is so far in debt, that the chairwoman is unable to keep up with utilities and taxes at the headquarters building. The rent there is $1 per year, but keeping the building now seems like a luxury.

Karamo touts the conspiracy theory called “The Great Reset” which claims that globalists used the COVID-19 pandemic to establish one world government.

This ties into Karamo’s belief in the “uniparty,” a populist theory that big-wig Democrats and Republicans only feign conflict while colluding to keeps wealthy elites in power.

Looking at you, Betsy DeVos — who has stopped giving.

Detroit News, The Hill