Ozarks Pastors Claim Prayer Regrew a Female Congregant’s Three Amputated TOES in 30 Minutes

Says Her Toes Were Shot Off by Ex-Husband: Woman Backs Preacher’s  Claims, But Now People Want Proof


I posted this last weekend, looks like it still has legs.

A Missouri Christian pastor has claimed that a woman’s amputated toes grew back during a prayer service. Now, a website has popped up asking for people to provide proof of the alleged miracle, The Kansas City Star reported.

During the Week of Power conference held March 12 through March 16 at James River Church in Springfield, Pastor John Lindell told his followers that a “creative miracle” took place, where a woman named Krissy Thompson had her amputated toes regenerated. Alongside Lindell was guest speaker ❋Bill Johnson, (we’ll get back to old Bill in a bit) the senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California.

“As the ladies prayed for Krissy over the next 30 minutes, all three toes grew, and by that point, were longer than her pinky toe. Within an hour, nails began to grow on all the toes,” Lindell said in a livestream.

Video of Dines claiming the alleged miracle to be true was posted to Twitter by Friendly Atheist’s Hemant Mehta, where she says, “Tonight, I can stand on my tippy-toes. Listen, do you understand? I can stand on tippy-toes. No, I couldn’t do that because I didn’t have toes to tippy on.” The website ShowMeTheToes.com is asking for anyone with video or photographic evidence of the alleged miracle to come forward.


❋Now back to Bill Johnson, the senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California. News Views did a couple discussions that he played a part in. 

The first one was titled: 

NUTTER WATCH: Family, church seek to bring 2-year-old girl back to life through prayer, song and praise.

Spoiler Alert, it didn’t work, here’s the title of the second discussion.

Breaking News: Dead child not resurrected by prayer!


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