Lindsey Graham Grifts for Trump on Hannity

“If you believe Donald Trump is being treated poorly and wrongly, stand up and help him and pray for our country, pray for him. Go to and give money so he can defend himself,” was the plea from the South Carolina Senator and golfing buddy of

Also Lindsey Graham:

Ms. Lindsey was only one GOP member blasting the indictment of the Former Guy on Fox News last night, and it was a popular stance.

There was someone in the audience, though, who seemed to disagree.

*In case you missed it, the heckler was a woman who was saying, “It is a wonderful day.”

Joe Scarborough openly laughed at Ms. Lindsey this morning on Morning Joe.

“I always talk about the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker approach to politics scamming people like my grandmother out of their social security checks, $25 here, $50 there.,” Scarborough said. “I’ve got to say, that Lindsey Graham moment, he’s tearing up … Lindsey knows what a bad man Donald Trump is. Lindsey is the one who said if we make him our nominee, he’ll destroy the Republican party, and we deserve it.”

“Lindsey almost crying there, that reminded me of Oral Roberts climbing up into his tower in the ’80s, saying, ‘Give me $3 million or I’m not coming down from this tower,’” the Morning Joe host observed.

In 1987, evangelist Oral Roberts climbed into his “Prayer Tower” to fast and pray for the rest of the month for donations to meet a deadline to raise $8 million for medical scholarships, according to the LA Times. Earlier that year, Roberts told his parishioners that he had been told by God, “I’ll call you home,” if the money was not raised by the end of March.

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