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Happy Monday, News Viewers, the day before Tuesday, not an election Tuesday, rather it will be indictment Tuesday. It will be an important beginning of legal consequences for someone steeped in illegal acts, though as usual Trump and his parasitical followers will attempt to obscure that fact by turning it into a political spectacle.

Political spectacle, loud, dramatic, deflective, chaotic, hierarchical vs. The rule of law, not loud or bombastic, not fast, not dramatic, but plodding, incremental and so, so slow, until the end.

Legal vs Political. Political: Politics is a necessary component of a representative democracy, for better or for worse. ‘Politics’ generally describes the process by which our elected representatives are chosen, elected, hold office, and use their power to effect change. This change includes proposing and voting on legislation, which—once enacted—becomes law.

Law is a set of rules that governs the behavior of individuals and institutions within a society, while politics involves the use of power and influence to make decisions and enact policies that affect society as a whole. While they often intersect, on Tuesday, the contrast will be clear.

Sometimes it takes such sharp contrasts to highlight big differences, differences obscured by words and fanfare in the past. The contrast of political spectacle to legal consequence highlights the stark differences between them. We can see them clearly when we see the differences, not what makes them complement each other or connect each other.

This is Monday’s Free Chat here at News Views, yours for the taking. All topics within reason are fine, we welcome the news of the world, of your world and your insights into both; gifs, video clips, memes are welcomed IF they are short (the vids) and fully clothed (the memes) and don’t wish or incite violence and painful death on each other, the other or any other. We’ve had enough of that to last a lifetime, it’s the contrast — violence vs reason, political vs legal. . . .SO, tell it. . .

What is going on in your world? Fill us in and while you’re at it, how’s the weather?

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