Kansas’ New “Show Me Your Genitals’ Law

About all that GQP crap that the Democratic Party consists of pedophiles and ‘groomers…’

Masked as the the “fairness in women’s sports act,” the Kansas state legislature “banned trans students from participating in women’s and girl’s sports from kindergarten through college, with the Republican-controlled legislature overriding a previous veto (three times) by the Democratic governor, Laura Kelly.” The bill, according to Kansas Reflector, “would require children as young as kindergarten age to participate in school activities based on the gender they were assigned at birth. Challenges potentially could expose them to genital inspections.”

“Let’s be clear about what this bill is all about — politics,” Kelly said. “It won’t increase any test scores. It won’t help any kids read or write. It won’t help any teachers prepare our kids for the real world. Here’s what this bill would actually do: harm the mental health of our students.”

The Kansas State High School Activities Association said earlier this year that the law would apply to approximately two student athletes in Kansas schools.


In the meantime, opponents of the bill said the Legislature’s action will harm the mental health of transgender youth across Kansas, sending a clear message that they are not welcome here. “This is an attempt to erase them out of our society,” said Rep. Susan Ruiz, a Shawnee Democrat and the first openly lesbian woman elected to the state Legislature. “These kids are killing themselves, they’re taking their own lives.”

After the vote, Ruiz stood and yelled across the House chamber at Republicans “you don’t give a s*** about children.”

Kansas now stands with 19 other states that have enacted laws limiting transgender girls to participating in sports that align with the gender they were assigned at birth. The Kansas law does not affect transgender boys.

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