Nashville Florist Refuses ‘Large’ RNC Fundraiser Order; Tells Party to Fix Our Gun Laws

“Our community has just lost seven people, including three young children, to yet another school shooting. At this moment, I cannot ignore the work that the RNC has done to create this tragedy and so many others just like it.”

“We will not be accepting any of your money. The blood of the 3 beautiful babies we lost in Nashville is on that money.” 

The RNC will hold a bigly fundraising event in Nashville later this month that will feature TFG and other ‘prominent’ MAGAts. Organizers of the event called the small business, FLWR Shop in Belle Meade, for floral design services for the event — owners Alex Vaughan and Quinn Kiesow said no.

The FLWR Shop owners posted on their social media accounts they “immediately declined” the “opportunity” and went on to say they would like to challenge others in the Nashville event industry to say no to taking money or jobs from Republican party until they begin to make the changes to gun laws that most Americans are calling for.

Of course, the business has faced backlash for their decision on the MAGAt infested, social media site, Twitter:

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