Unsealed Documents in Texas Show History of Racist Comments from BLM Convicted Shooter Daniel Perry

Daniel Perry, the man who killed a Black Lives Matter protester at a rally in Austin in July 2020, had a history of racist content on social media and private messages as shown in a 76-page unsealed document in Travis County, Texas.

While some of Perry’s messages and posts were previously known — including a May 2020 message in which he said he “might have to kill a few people on my way to work,” — many others show him justifying and joking about harming protesters.

News Views covered the story of active duty Sgt. Daniel Perry’s conviction of killing BLM protester Garrett Foster. A jury deliberated 16 hours to convict.

Governor Greg Abbott is working hard to pardon Perry.

The documents also contain a May 2020 text sent by Perry that said, “I might go to Dallas to shoot looters,” according to the Houston Chronicle. Some messages included “white power” memes, the report said.

Perry also wrote in a 2019 message that it was “to [sic] bad we can’t get paid for hunting Muslims in Europe.”

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