Springfield Missouri Man Charged With Demanding Meat at Gunpoint

Larry Gene Gay

REPUBLIC, Mo. —The  Republic PD was called to a Price Cutter grocery store about an employee being held at gunpoint to serve a man meat. The man was later identified as Larry Gene Gay.

The employee said he received a call from the meat department about a man packing his own meat. The employee approached Gay and told him that he could not be there. Gay got upset and said he was going to keep doing what he was doing. The employee said he was not going to help him with the meat. “Once he held the gun to my throat — pushed it into my throat — I decided to comply,” the employee told police.

Court documents show that officers responded to the scene and ordered Gay to get out of his truck so they could arrest him. After he was taken into custody, an officer removed a loaded semi-automatic pistol with a bullet in the chamber from Gay’s hip holster.

In an interview, Gay said he went to Price Cutter to buy steaks. He told the “good man” who was helping him that they needed to weigh the steaks. However, the meat department was closed. Gay said at that point, he showed his gun “Just to say I’m not stealing. I need you here to help me to get a couple of these steaks. I’m not going to hurt you.”

The officer asked Gay why he thought the people in the store called police and told them he was threatening them with his gun.

“I don’t know,” Gay said in the interview. “I have no idea.”

Gay was being held on a $50,000 bond.


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