Woke Maybelline on the Boycott List After Another Dylan Mulvaney Partnership

Maybelline is facing calls for a boycott by transphobes after a sponsorship with the transgender social-media influencer Dylan Mulvaney, who posted a short video last month of herself applying the brand’s cosmetics and “getting glam.”

Mulvaney has 1.8 million followers on Instagram, but has become a lightning rod for MAGA anti-trans bigots who have recently boycotted Anheuser-Busch over a can of beer produced with Mulvaney’s image on it, celebrating a one-year anniversary of her transition.

Branding experts who spoke with MarketWatch earlier this month said promotions with trans activists can work in a company’s favor. They said it can cement a brand’s connection with a younger demographic that is often supportive of transgender rights. 

Maybelline and L’Oreal, its parent company, didn’t immediately return a request for comment.


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