And Another Mass Shooting in the Good Ole US of A: 5 dead in Texas

Five people are dead after being shot in a Texas home by a suspect armed with AR-15 style rifle in a horrific series of “execution style” shootings, police said.

The incident occurred at 11:31 p.m. local time when officials from the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office received a call about harassment in the town of Cleveland, about 55 miles north of Houston.

When authorities arrived at the location, they found several victims shot at the property, police said. The youngest victim in the shooting was 8 years old and two female victims were discovered in the bedroom lying on top of two surviving children.

Two of the victims, all believed to be from Honduras, were found laying over two children inside, he said. “The Honduran ladies that were laying over these children were doing it in such an effort as to protect the child,” Capers said.

Family members walked up to the fence and asked the suspect to stop shooting rounds, Capers said. In response, the suspect told them it was his property, Capers said. One person in the house got a video of the suspect walking up to the front door with the rifle, he said.

Capers did not identify the suspect, but said Judge John Wells has issued an arrest warrant for him and assigned a $5 million dollar bond, according to an update posted on the sheriff’s office’s Facebook page Saturday morning.

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