Cop is Arrested and Jailed For Stealing Homeless Man’s Money That He Was Saving for Dental Work


A California police officer had been charged and booked into jail for allegedly stealing money that a homeless man had saved for dental work, Action News Now reported.

John Sanzone, who was a deputy with the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office, arrested a homeless man August 2022 and found that the man had $3,500 in his possession that he had been saving for dental work. But instead of booking the money into evidence, Sanzone stole it.

He was charged with grand theft by embezzlement and could be sentenced anywhere from probation to up to three years in prison if convicted. Sanzone was previously named in a federal lawsuit filed by an Oroville police officer last year that claimed he mishandled rape evidence and left contraband in a patrol vehicle. The lawsuit also claimed he stole $1300.



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