Talko Tuesday: May 23, 2023

Good morning, News Viewers, and Happy Tuesday!

Congratulations to all the Denver Nugget fans out there; you swept the Lakers. I hate the Lakers! Now it’s on to Miami or Boston…looking like Miami.

So, what’s going on in your world? Not much in mine except…blood work day; that yearly thing I do that I so not look forward to doing. I mean, it’s not like the results are ever bad, except for that year that sounded the alarms on a higher glucose level than usual.

I have low blood glucose levels, like hypoglycemia levels. One year, my glucose levels came back high—not high for a normal person but high for me and that sounded some alarms since diabetes is prevalent in my family and I freaked out. My doctor tested me again the next month and my glucose level was actually normal…not high, not low like it usually is, but normal and has remained that way for several years. But, I don’t like needles; I don’t like blood; and I don’t like stressing out about test results.

And with that, I’m out. I have an early morning appt., intentionally, so I can get this done and over with then treat myself to a large, Mexican Mocha (three shots of espresso) with almond milk and maybe an egg and black bean burrito for sucking it up and doing blood work. Plus, both will be rewards for pretty much going dairy free for the last few weeks, well, except for some parm on my pasta…not giving up the parm…or the pasta!

Don’t get me started on fake cheese—I probably could go completely vegetarian by giving up fish but cheese? UGH…no way. Fake cheese is not good and the only way it is palatable is melted. But, it’s just not that good or normal.

Enjoy the day and stay safe!

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