Free Chat Friday, Week 23

Happy Friday News Viewers — it’s great to be back. . . Imagine my surprise today (as I returned after breaking my foot and ankle in April) at seeing the Orange Pulpy One indicted and his fellow fruitcakes grown from the poisonous Trump tree STILL singing sad “witch-hunt”, “boxes hoax” songs?

While I and my foot recovered in the hospital, I got COVID (the hospital was the only place I couldn’t socially distance, hmmmm) I spent my time watching movies, reading and paying no attention to the world of news, so I wasn’t completely aware until today that deep within, I had a hope I would return to real life to find MAGA Hell a distant dream, consigned to the history books. As they say, it’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up. . . 🙂

Poetic, don’t you think, that Pat Robertson dies the same day? He and Reagan, doing their level best to continue our regress back to the theocratic rule. . . .GAWD! these people! No rest, no peace, no thoughts, no prayers. Time for a karmic reset. . .

Let’s talk about it, all of it — this is Free Chat and the topics varied and civility a given — what thoughts are going through your minds on this Friday, June 9, 2023?