Biden Adviser Anita Dunn Looking to the 2024 Campaign

Anita Dunn is the Biden adviser behind the Dark Brandon meme, and she’s “a f**k-sh*t-up-brawler.” And that’s according to the White House director of digital strategy, Rob Flaherty.

After Dunn became aware of the meme, she brought it to Joe Biden, and together they jumped on an opportunity to turn the pejorative phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” into a positive message of the aging President.

Dunn is now tasked with using her brawling political instincts in the 2024 Biden messaging campaign to again beat Donald Trump as the President faces low approval ratings.

Multiple sources say she is spearheading the 2024 political messaging from the White House, and a former White House senior adviser put it more bluntly — “she’s running everything.”

Dunn, 65, is one-half of a Washington power couple at the epicenter of Bidenworld – husband Bob Bauer is the president’s personal attorney and the lead attorney handling the special counsel investigation into classified documents found at Biden’s private office and residence. 


Dunn has played roles in the Carter White House, the Senate, and the Obama campaign in 2008.

Dunn was key to a recent decision to frame the president’s age as a sign of wisdom and experience, and has also recently taken on the task of elevating the image of VP Kamala Harris.

She’s led White House messaging efforts on legislative accomplishments, seeking to highlight the legislation’s tangible impacts on real Americans, though some Democrats argue the White House has not done enough to sell those measures to the public.

Senator Amy Klobuchar also regularly seeks her advice.

“She’s someone that you feel like you can trust and she’s going to have your back. And I think that’s why she’s been such a trusted adviser to President Biden,” Klobuchar said.

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