Garth Brooks Selling Bud Light at Nashville Bar

‘If You’re an Asshole, There Are Plenty of Other Places’

Garth Brooks who made millions singing about Friends in Low Places is opening a new bar in Nashville with the same name.

“Friends in Low Places Bar and Honky Tonk” is opening this summer and stocking a full bar that will include Bud Light, but says there’s a “No Assholes” rule.

“I know this sounds corny, I want it to be the Chick-fil-A of honky-tonks,” Brooks said in an interview with Billboard. “I want it to be a place you feel safe in. I want it to be a place where you feel like there are manners and people like one another.”

“And yes, we’re going to serve every brand of beer. We just are. It’s not our decision to make. Our thing is this: if you [are let] into this house, love one another. If you’re an asshole, there are plenty of other places on lower Broadway.”

Brooks has a long-standing history of being “woke” and released “We Shall Be Free” in 1992, a song condemning homophobia and racism.

Brooks is worth about $400 million, but is getting canceled by the anti-woke crowd who seemed to think Brooks was calling Bud Light boycotters “assholes.”

And so the Bud Light boycotters who had libraries of Garth Brooks CDs they had already purchased began with the burning of CDs and deletions of streaming selections (oh, my!)…

PennLive, Variety