Busloads of Trump Supporters are Coming to Miami Ahead of Arraignment, Organizer Says

MIAMI — At least four buses with hundreds of people supporting former President Donald Trump are expected to arrive in Miami on Tuesday ahead of his first court appearance on charges of keeping classified documents at his Palm Beach estate and obstructing government efforts to retrieve them, an organizer says.

The transportation plan is being coordinated by the Florida Republican Assembly, a self-described “Judeo-Christan grassroots organization committed to restoring the Republican Party to it’s founding principles,” said Lou Marin, executive vice president.

Organizer Judeo-Christan Lou Marin

Marin told the Miami Herald the buses will come from “strategic points” across Florida and that six more are on standby to be used as needed. The Orange County man noted the buses could bring as much as 2,000 people to Miami. The event’s flier says that buses are coming from the Orlando area and the operation is sponsored by LCA Development, a real estate developer in Orlando.

“We are coming down to support President Trump,” Marin said. He added Trump is innocent until proven guilty. “When you watch the news, you would think he is guilty. That’s not how we operate.”

Miami Herald

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