Trump Receives “Man of the Decade” Award at GOP County Grift in Michigan

Despite allegations of rape and several state and federal indictments, Donald Trump was awarded the honor of “Man of the Decade” at an Oakland County, Michigan, fundraising Lincoln Day Dinner on Sunday.

Tickets for the event sold for between $250 to $7,500.

An estimated 2,600 people attended and helped themselves to plates of chicken, pasta, potatoes and a cheesecake dessert. A silent auction included an animation of Trump standing atop a tank labeled “you’re fired.” The winning bid was $355.

Ted Nugent kicked off the evening with his rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner. He told attendees they had a “moral obligation” to urge everyone they know to vote for Trump whose election he said was the “only way to save America.” In a brief moment of drama, the power went out. In the dark room, one man chanted “U.S.A.”

Among the usual greatest hits, Trump also claimed it was the second time he had received the award, citing the annual Lincoln Day Dinner of 2013, although there is no mention in history from Oakland County GOP of the 2013 make-believe award.

Among his other remarks in Michigan, which are often repeated:

  • “No president has fought harder for Michigan than I have.”
  • “Witch hunt”
  • Trump said he will cut federal funding “for any school pushing critical race theory, transgender insanity and other inappropriate racial, sexual or political content onto the lives of our children.” He also reiterated his call to end birthright citizenship, all of which was met with applause.
  • “I consider it a great badge of honor and courage. Essentially I’m being indicted for you, 200 million people that love our country.”
  •  Also — false claims of election fraud and a declaration that World War III is imminent—a war that only he can stop.

Trump also did his impersonation of a female weight-lifter competing against a transgender.

We can only hope.

 “This is the final battle. With you at my side, we will demolish the deep state,” he said.

Anecdotally, 2024 Presidential candidate Perry Johnson, (also an attempted Michigan gubernatorial candidate whose campaign was nixed when he submitting numerous false signatures on his primary nomination) parked his campaign bus outside the Trump event.

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