Coffee Talk

Good morning, free chatters, it’s another Thursday with so much to chat about and all day to do it!

Coffee Talk is the free chat space with a proposed free chat topic, and today we’re offering up a chance to share your kitchen skills — inspired by the video below. I’m certain you wouldn’t have to be Italian to be offended by the exhibited “skills” we see here, but apologies up front to Chef Ms. G and our various Italian friends of News Views.

Maybe you’ve come across these types of videos before while browsing the web. I’ve seen them primarily from Facebook friends and the subsequent “amazing” and “perfect” cooking lessons with the one-dish mentality.

Do you have an a-ha moment of cooking simplicity to share with the class?

Here’s mine:

I was determined to make a Mexican/Southwest soup one day with the deli chicken I had picked up. When it came time to whip it up, I found my pantry onionless, and I was mad at myself for failing to check the supply.

I shredded the chicken, added the large can of Swanson broth, a can of black beans, frozen corn — and dumped in an entire jar of Chi-Chi’s salsa (tomato, peppers, and onion)…

It was a stroke of self-proclaimed cooking genius, and ever since my improvisation, I continued to make Chicken Taco Soup the same way. It was delish.

At any rate, this is your free chat space, so let’s taco ’bout what’s happening in your world, or your greatest simple recipes.

Make it a great Thursday!

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