Pastor Pence Educates Iowa Voter (MAGAt) On How Elections Work

 “Do you ever second guess yourself,” and added, “That was a constitutional right that you had to send those votes back to the states.”
“I’m sorry, ma’am, but that’s actually what the Constitution says…No vice president in American history ever asserted the authority that you have been convinced that I had…President Trump was wrong about my authority that day, & he’s still wrong.”

While campaigning in Iowa, a voter confronted Mike Pence about the 2020 election and accused him of having unfairly handed over the election to Joe Biden. 

Afterward, Pence told NBC News that he “welcomed the opportunity” to talk about why Trump’s messaging surrounding the certification of the election is inaccurate. 

“Should I have the great privilege of being president of the United States, they’ll also always be able to count on me keeping my oath to the Constitution,” he said. 

Pence continues to lag significantly in polling in the race, with the most recent NBC News poll showing Trump with a commanding lead.

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