Ted Cruz Introduces a Bill to Prevent Air Fryers and Refrigerators from Spying on Us

Move over microwaves, our air-fryers and refrigerators may be spying on us, well, at least according to none other, Senator Ted Cruz (Idiot-Texas).

“I don’t think the American people want their air fryer spying on them. And at a minimum, they have a right to know if their air fryer is spying on them.”

-Ted Cruz (Idiot-Texas)

Senator Cruz took to the Senate floor on Tuesday to ask for support on the Informing Consumers about the Smart Devices Act which will require companies to notify customers of cameras and microphone in everyday appliances and devices.

“Today, internet-connected smart devices are commonly used in American households, light bulbs, mirrors, air fryers, coffeemakers, trash cans, kitchen faucets, refrigerators, and more are all becoming quote unquote, smart. And we’re able to control them with our phones or voice commands,” Cruz said.
“It’s expected that in a few years, nearly 70% of American households, more than 80 million households, will own at least one smart home product,” which the Senator noted was largely a good thing.
“One of the potential trade-offs is our privacy. In Texas, we’ve become very aware of that cost. The past few years, smart thermostats have allowed electric companies to control the temperature in your own home from afar in the name of conserving energy,” he said. “Furthermore, a lot of Americans don’t realize or expect that the growing number of smart household devices and appliances, have cameras on them, and microphones that can surreptitiously record families and transmit data.”
“In other words, when you’re buying a new refrigerator, you don’t expect your fridge to record you, or listen to you, or spy on you without your knowledge. And while some manufacturers have responsibly taken steps to more clearly label their products and to let consumers know they contain listening devices or cameras, others have not,” he added.

***And for those who cannot recall the microwave reference, enjoy!

Who should be the next senator from California?

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