Roseanne Barr Goes Further Off (the Deep End) on Piers Morgan’s Show

*** Warning: Beware of the volume level on your device before clicking “play.”

Piers Morgan gave Roseanne Barr a chance to clear the air about her latest comments on the Holocaust on his Fox show Monday.

It didn’t go great, and Piers had to disagree with her notion that Ukraine is filled with Nazis and President Zelensky wasn’t a “good Jew.”

Roseanne suggested people wake up and “do some of their own research” instead of “watching what comes across the screen.”

And then…

When Piers said he didn’t agree with her views on Ukraine, Roseanne screamed back, “You haven’t seen the swastikas on their arms? It’s all over the news!”

Roseanne has admitted a few times to mental problems including multiple personality disorder, and also said Ambien caused her previous racist tweeting.

In the interest of “doing your own research” and watching these kinds of things “in context,” you can view the entire interview below.

Meanwhile, President Biden and NATO have Ukraine’s back.