The CloWn HoUsE Holds Another Hearing: Grills FBI Director Christopher Wray on ‘Weaponization’

Gym Jordan’s House Judiciary Committee “grilled FBI Director Chris Wray about the alleged “weaponization” of law enforcement agencies against former President Donald Trump and conservatives and accused them of failing to aggressively go after the Bidens.” And like all of their previous hearings, this one turned into a MAGAt Shit Show.

***But before we begin, just a few comments from the FBI:

“I haven’t even talked about the spying that took place of a presidential campaign or the raiding of a former president’s home,” said Jordan, who also leads the GOP’s new Weaponization subcommittee. “Maybe what’s more frightening is what happens if you come forward and tell Congress you’re a whistleblower. Come tell the Congress what’s going on? Look out. You will be retaliated against.”

-Gym Jordan (MAGAt-Ohio)

What’s a ClOwN ShOw without PedoGaetz?:

In a heated exchange with Wray, conservative firebrand Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., read the director an alleged 2017 text message from Hunter Biden to a Chinese businessman in which the younger Biden claimed he was sitting with his father — which President Biden has denied. A lawyer for Hunter Biden has said the text is fake.

Gaetz called it a “shakedown” of the businessman, then accused Wray of being “deeply uncurious” about the Hunter Biden text.

“Are you protecting the Bidens?” Gaetz asked the director.
“Absolutely not,” Wray replied.

Gaetz later lambasted the FBI for abusing FISA warrants, accusing the agency officials of “using the FISA process as their, like, creepy personal snooping machine.”

“People trust in the FBI more when J. Edgar Hoover was running the place than when you are,” Gaetz told Wray, “and the reason is because you don’t give straight answers.” 

Let the Grown-Ups Speak:

***Not a raid, MAGAts, but a lawfully, executed search warrant:

Unfortunately, PedoGaetz and The Arsonist/Car Thief are attached to these clip:

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