Secret Service Closes Investigation into Cocaine Found at White House With no Suspect Identified

Washington — The U.S. Secret Service has closed its investigation into the bag of cocaine that was discovered at the White House earlier this month, but was unable to identify a suspect “due to a lack of physical evidence,” the agency said Thursday.

In a statement describing the events surrounding the cocaine’s discovery, which began July 2, the Secret Service said as part of its review, it compiled a list of “several hundred” people who may have accessed the area where the substance was discovered. But no fingerprints could be found on the cocaine’s packaging and there was “insufficient DNA” for “investigative comparisons,” the Secret Service said.

“Without physical evidence, the investigation will not be able to single out a person of interest from the hundreds of individuals who passed through the vestibule where the cocaine was discovered,” the agency said. “At this time, the Secret Service’s investigation is closed due to a lack of physical evidence.”

Surveillance footage was unhelpful.


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