GOP Lawmaker Says (R) Marjorie Taylor Greene and (R) Lauren Boebert Are on the Verge of a Fistfight at ‘Any Moment’

“A fistfight could break out at any moment,” Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) told The Daily Beast.

Burchett, who later clarified that he was serious, said he was enjoying the standoff as a “professional wrestling fan.”

“I am friends with both of them. It’s entertaining to think that a fistfight could break out at any movement. I kind of dig that,” he continued.

Burchett isn’t the only person who thinks the feud could turn even nastier.


The Standoff Between Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert Is Worse Than You Think

Another Republican lawmaker who is close to both Greene and Boebert told The Daily Beast that the situation was a tinderbox.

Another GOP member suggested that one of them would destroy the other—they just didn’t know who would come out on top.

“They will be nailing that coffin shut,” this lawmaker said, “and one of them is still in there kicking and screaming!”


Lauren Boebert, 36, is 5′ 0″, 100 lbs, 35-25-35, according to herself.

MTG, 49, is 5′ 3″, 132 lbs, 34-28-34, according to herself, I suppose.

Who will be Trump' running mate?

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