Ted Cruz, Mike Lee among Ramaswamy’s potential Supreme Court nominees

From The Hill

Ramaswamy’s decision to release a shortlist of potential nominees follows a similar track to former President Trump, who released candidate lists during both his 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns. Most of Ramaswamy’s candidates were on at least one of Trump’s previous lists.

President Biden’s focus on judicial appointments appeared to be on diversity of race & gender. While I drew from diverse experiences — current and former federal judges, a former Solicitor General, two U.S. Senators — my sole criterion was to select candidates with an unwavering commitment to an originalist understanding of the U.S. Constitution, who also understand the unique threats to liberty in the 21st century (including lurking state action),” Ramaswamy said in a statement. 

Ramaswamy’s list also includes three other federal appeals court judges: Lawrence VanDyke, Lisa Branch, and Thomas Hardiman.Taiwan’s vice president to transit through the US, raising tensions with ChinaDangerous heat wave expected to move eastward

The list is rounded out with three non-judges, including Lee and Cruz, both of whom also appeared at times on Trump’s Supreme Court shortlists.

Ramaswamy also included Paul Clement, a veteran Supreme Court advocate who served as U.S. solicitor general under the second Bush administration. 

Clement’s recent argued cases include those that issued the biggest expansion of Second Amendment rights in a decade, the end of partisan gerrymandering lawsuits in the federal courts and a win for a high school football coach who was reprimanded for leading postgame prayers.