Human Poop Leaking From Tractor-Trailer Leads to Multiple Crashes on Connecticut Highway

Driver Knew He Was Dumping Crap As He Drove

Casualties of the northbound on Connecticut’s I-95 trail of waste included a pair of state trooper vehicles struck by automobiles skidding out of control after hitting slick spots after 11 p.m. One of those cruisers was struck by another tractor-trailer. Neither police vehicle was occupied as their drivers were tending to the mess at hand.

Meanwhile, a motorcyclist was hospitalized with minor injuries when fecal matter caused that driver to lose traction. Law enforcement officers said 10 vehicles were impacted by a sea of waste that took several hours to wipe up.

Witnesses told police the leaking vehicle appeared to belong to Southbury, Conn. company H.I. Stone & Son. The company was contacted by law enforcement and instructed its driver to meet with police. That trucker was then arrested on charges of reckless driving and failure to secure a load. Cops allege the driver knew of his seepage issue but kept driving, according to the Associated Press.



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