Wife Beating Ohio GOP Lawmaker Admits He ‘Undervalued Christ’ as Grand Jury Indicts Him 

Says He Will Not Resign

According to a Summit County Sheriff’s Office report, State Rep. (R) Bob Young was arguing with a friend at his home around 1 a.m. on July 7 when his wife stuck her hand up in front of his face to “stop him from yelling.” The lawmaker then grabbed her arm and struck her face with an open hand during the argument, the report states. She threatened to call the police, but Young took her phone and threw it into the pool.

One hour later, Young’s wife arrived at the home of her brother-in-law. She went there to “seek safe haven” with her kids, according to the report.

Young’s brother saw the lawmaker pull into the driveway and park in front of his house, the report states. He went outside and told Young that he was not welcome and was not allowed to enter the house. Young then “lowered his shoulder and charged” in an attempt to enter the home without permission, according to authorities.

At the point of initial contact, “a scuffle ensued,” according to the report. Young’s brother defended himself and pushed back, and the lawmaker went through the glass storm door, the report states. Both men sustained injuries.

Needs some jail time for wearing that coat

life has been “very stressful lately”

In a statement the Christian Representative said in part:

“Recently, I have undervalued Christ as a priority in my family’s life. I love my wife and my family, and they are most important to me. As a State Representative with a business, and a busy family of six, my life has been very stressful lately. On this particular evening at my home, we had some drinks and I acted poorly and said things I shouldn’t have. My behavior, while not criminal, was inappropriate and out of character. I apologize to everyone involved, including and especially my wife and children. I also apologize to my constituents.” 


✱The couple’s daughter also told police that while watching through a window, she observed Rep. Young strike her mom and throw her cell phone in the pool when she said she was going to call police.

✱Rep. Young’s wife requested a temporary protection order.

✱Young is charged with “One Count of Domestic Violence – a Misdemeanor of the 1st Degree and One Count of Assault – a Misdemeanor of the 1st Degree”

✱Young said he has taken steps to seek counseling voluntarily in order to “address some of the issues that led to this incident.”


✱  Barberton in Summit County is about an hour drive from Youngstow on what they call the western route.

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