TFG Freed Ponzi Schemer Eliyahu Weinstein; He Now Faces New Charges

Proving once again, everything TFG touches turns to 💩

Eliyahu Weinstein, whose 24-year sentence President Donald J. Trump commuted, is now accused of bilking 150 people out of more than $35 million.

In one of his last acts as resident of the White House, the forever disgraced and heavily indicted, TFG commuted convicted used car salesman, Eliyahu Weinstein, from Lakewood, N.J, prison sentence. Weinstein was serving a 24-year sentence in connection with two schemes, one involved defrauding members of his tight-knit Orthodox Jewish community out of more than $200 million.

On Wednesday, federal prosecutors in New Jersey charged Mr. Weinstein, 48, along with four other men, with defrauding at least 150 people out of $35 million. They are accused of luring people into supposedly lucrative investments in scarce Covid-19 supplies and baby formula and even in first-aid kits destined for war-torn Ukraine.

“These were brazen and sophisticated crimes that involved multiple conspirators and drew right from Weinstein’s playbook of fraud,” Philip R. Sellinger, the U.S. attorney for New Jersey, said at a news conference.

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