“My Kevin” Says Biden Family Allegations are ‘Rising to the Level of Impeachment Inquiry’

The comments by the House speaker to Fox News host Sean Hannity are the strongest he's made thus far on a potential impeachment inquiry.

“My Kevin” sat down for an interview with the ‘esteemed journalist’ Sean Hannity and spoke about the “Republican probes into the business dealings of family members of President Joe Biden,” which according to Quevie, ‘are ‘rising to the level of impeachment inquiry.’

The White House swiftly criticized McCarthy’s comments. Spokesperson Ian Sams tweeted that the GOP’s “eagerness to go after” Biden “regardless of the truth is seemingly bottomless.”

McCarthy’s remarks are the strongest he’s made thus far on a potential impeachment inquiry.

The Justice Department pitched dates for when U.S. Attorney David Weiss can come testify publicly before a House committee.  But, they also warned Mr. Jordan, “…we are deeply concerned by any misrepresentations about our work—whether deliberate or arising from misunderstandings—that could unduly harm public confidence in the evenhanded administration of justice, to which we are dedicated. The Department, therefore, reaffirms U.S. Attorney Weiss’s commitment to providing public testimony, consistent with law and Department policy, to protect these principles.”

And in other non-inflation, crime reduction, lowering gas prices, and work that would make Americans lives better:

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