Free Chat Friday, Week 30

Friday already? Wasn’t it Monday a minute ago? The days run together lately, in fact, we should change the names of days of the week to one name — something like Fryday. . .

One day, one cartoon, one issue, one chance, one relationship, one sun, one beginning, one end,one life, one planet.

This heat, our canary in the coal mine. We’ll pay attention to the fact that we’re burning the very ground beneath our feet, but we’ll do it just one damn day too late.

I know, pretty dramatic, right? But break-ups are dramatic no matter how cynical we’ve become. And “it’s not you, it’s me” is the euphemistic way we try to announce it, that fading away of a relationship with, in this case our source, our environment, our planet.

It’s not you, it’s me. . . it’s not earth, it’s those of us living here. . .

This is Friday’s Free Chat–When I woke up, I had clear earthly concerns on my mind; what’s on yours? Anything goes within reason…..whatcha got to share with your NV community this day, this one day…?