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Hello Monday, my old friend, I’ve come to sleep way past you again. . .oh damn, I’m awake. . . 😄 This is our Monday Free Chat here at News Views. Why “Free Range”? Today it’s because we range freely through this environment of ours, land, sea, space and culture. . . Yes, I refer to Barbie culture.

In this patriarchal landscape, we’re reminded through the recent Barbie movie to BEWARE of girl dolls with beta boyfriends. . . We’ve talked a lot this week in the news about authoritarianism, whether it’s been stories of Sinead dissing the pope or MAGAts worshipping the Donald, so we know patriarchy runs deep — even when it’s represented by tiny plastic toys. . .

In his review, Shapiro called Barbie “one of the most woke movies” he’d ever seen, and complained that it was “explicitly designed to divide men from women.”

“Women used to build society. Now they dress in pink and bring a bottle of wine to an air conditioned theater to cry in solidarity with an actress lecturing America about how hard it is to be a woman, then ragetweet at people who don’t like ‘Barbie,’” Shapiro tweeted on Monday.

Matt Walsh of Daily Wire is also quite upset not to mention hyberbolic:

Ginger Gaetz, the wife of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) criticized Barbie for neglecting “to address any notion of faith or family,” and “disappointingly low T” (testosterone) and “beta energy” from Ryan Gosling’s Ken. Her husband made several needlessly transphobic remarks to justify his creepy fixation on Margot Robbie, the film’s star.

Oh shut up, Piers. . .

Since this is a free chat, it’s all topics all the time within the bounds of community manners and conversational civility. With all that’s going on, what’s on your mind?

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